5 money saving tips to see you through to payday


When it comes to ‘adulting’, one of the hardest things to do is set a budget – and stick to it! For those of you who know the struggle, the last week (or two…) of the month seem to last forever as you count down to payday. 

Sounding familiar? Here are a few money saving  tips on stretching your money and making it last until your next paycheck comes in.

1. Keep an eye out for food deals and discounts

When it comes to food, there are plenty of ways of cutting back on costs.  With things like grocery shopping, simple steps like shopping in the evening will save you money as loads of supermarkets cut their prices at this time to get rid of food before its expiry date. You’ll be surprised at the quality of food you’re able to buy, and for a fraction of the cost.

If you still need that restaurant treat, there are a number of great apps that can help you find discounted meals in your area. For example, CityMunch gives you exclusive access to free, on-demand discount vouchers and good offers at restaurants and food near you, while Too Good To Go allows you to search for discounted meals at spots near you. For prices that are next to nothing, you can buy food that would otherwise go to waste – saving money, and the environment.

2. Plan, prep and cook your own meals!

Cooking your own food is one of the best, and easiest ways, of making your money last longer a great money saving  tip. Buying lunch everyday at work, plus eating out in the evenings a few times a week, is an easy way of going over your budget without thinking about it.

If you’re looking to stretch your money, take the time to plan your meals. From finding delicious and cheap recipes, to writing down a shopping list, buying all of your ingredients for the week, cooking, and taking packed lunches into work and eating at home, you can easily save hundreds of pounds (plus help your health and waist line!)


3. Look for free entertainment

One of the main things people struggle with when trying to spend less, is thinking they have to be anti-social and sit at home. Luckily, in cities like London, there are so many free events and activities taking place across the city daily, they you can easily get out-and-about without spending much at all.

Whether you’re interested in theatre, comedy, art, exercise, health, culture, music and more, you’re guaranteed to find something fun and interesting to try out. Whether you visit one of the city’s incredible free museums, attend a £1 comedy night at Top Secret Comedy Club, score half price West End theatre tickets at TodayTix, or find another sweet deal, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

A great way of finding out what free events are on weekly is reading different London focused publications and blogs like TimeOut and Londonist – both of these start the week with a column listing the city’s best free events. So, get reading!


4. Cut back on transport costs when possible

When you’re moving around a big city, travel costs can eat up a lot of money. When you’re looking to save cash, an easy way to do this is cut back on travel costs. Take less ubers, using public transport when you can and walking if it’s an option.  Riding a bike is also a great idea, as you’ll save plenty of money and increase your exercise. If you can’t afford the cost of buying a bike, using one of the city’s numerous bike rental schemes like the Boris Bikes is a handy option. Make sure you check with your work if they’d be able to cover the cost of this – many offices around London are involved in a Ride to Work scheme where employees get discounted bike hire. 

If you depend on public transport, a good idea is to think about buying a monthly or weekly travel card. Not only will this work out cheaper in the long run, but it also means you only have a one-off transport cost for the month, so you’ll be able to budget more easily.

5. Consider moving to a cheaper area

Stretching your money might not be necessary if you bite the bullet and move to a cheaper area in London. With rent soaring to incredibly high prices in the capital, loads of people are moving to cheaper areas such as these.  If you decide to make the move, find yourself the perfect roommate with Whoomies.

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