Whoomies makes sure you find your ideal flatmate and accommodation according to your interests, personality and way of life, all on one application. After seeing the popularity of the app with thousands of users matching, chatting and successfully making friends, and with hundreds of available properties and flatshares being rented out, we felt that we needed to take it further and help you guys even more. How to move when you’ve met your perfect flatmate and have chosen a flat together and ship your things? We bring you the solution!

Whoomies partnered up with Eurosender, a digital platform for booking door-to-door international shipping services in Europe. Need to send a few boxes from Poland to the UK? Need to send a table from your home in Italy to your new student accommodation in France? Need to move your 10 suitcases from your student halls in London to your new apartment on the other side of the city? Whoomies found the perfect shipping platform and service for you!

The website is very easy to use, plug in your information and you’ll get an exact quote!

The good news is that any user of the Whoomies app gets a shipping promocode to get a 10% discount on any Eurosender services. Keep an eye on this deal because on some special holidays we increase the discount.

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