Pivt makes any city feel like home !

Feeling overwhelmed and lonely when you move to a new city is something many of us can relate to! Packing up your life and settling in a foreign place is exciting and exhilarating, but it can also feel scary at times as you find your feet without your family, friends and the familiarity of home.

One of the most challenging aspects can be finding your niche. In massive cities like New York or London, finding the people, places and activities you enjoy can be like finding a needle in a haystack… Where do you even begin to make friends?

Luckily for us, the founders of Pivt have come up with solution. Pivt is a new friend-making app for travellers and ex-pats in new cities that are looking for trusted connections and advice. Tired of going to bars alone and hoping to meet like-minded people, co-founder Lynn Greenberg decided to get smart about meeting new people.

Pivt works by connecting you with your extended social networks: people who you already have an existing connection with, be it a friend of friends or people from mutual networks like your hometown, university or workplace. Using their messaging platform, you can create personalised, interest-based group and private chats to connect with potential friends and reach out to your extended network. You can also use Pivt Communities, where you’re able to reach out to people with similar interests and passions in your new city, find out about current events and activities, ask for recommendations and create gatherings.

Much like Whoomies takes the work and uncertainty out of finding the perfect roommate, Pivt does the same with finding friends and building networks. Instead of relying on informational resources like TripAdvisor, getting advice and recommendation’s from strangers and people who you don’t necessarily know will be on the same wave-length as you, Pivt means you can connect with real people who you trust.

Most of the fear of moving and travelling comes from the unknown. Pivt removes that uncertainty by connecting you with a friendly community where you can receive trust-worthy advice, personalised recommendations, and the opportunity to meet up with people in real life.

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